Scaling Circularity through Technologies and Business Innovation

We recently participated in the fifth Knowledge Primer (KP) organized by HKU titled “Scaling Circularity through Transformative Technologies and Business Model Innovation”, part of a “Partnership for Sustainability Leadership in Business” project initiated by HKU’s Centre for Civil Society and Governance (CCSG) with the support from The Hong Kong Bank Foundation.

Tackling waste has been a painstaking process to perform. Therefore, utilizing a circular approach is expected to relieve the burden of waste management in a place with limited land resources such as Hong Kong. Our technology has the potential to convert biowaste into high quality graphene with minimal machinery requirements, making it an ideal fit for Hong Kong and other cities with limited land resources.

We are grateful for this opportunity to connect, support, and share our passion with other fellow sustainable and environmentally conscious companies, in hopes to contribute to the betterment of the sustainable circular economy.

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